Bombardier TRAXX 2

Sound project



  • original audio from LTE locomotive 185 608,
  • the recording was made with the help of LTE on November 20, 2016,
  • 8-bit resolution
  • the sound material
    • freely editable with our DigiSoundEditor sound editing program,
    • can be downloaded freely with our DigiProgram download program,
  • the downloadable dtt file contains the recommended CV settings for locomotives with ACME 21MTC decoder sockets, loadable into DigiSound-3.4 (from v27) and DigiSound-5.4 decoders. 
  • The dtt file under the “Downloads” tab can be opened with an application called DigiProgram, making it easier to see, manage, write and read the locomotive’s CV parameters.
Recommended CV settings:
  ACME (new) * ACME (old) **
Name CV register Recommended value CV register Recommended value
Front, lower headlights CV119 CV123 CV176 CV177 142 143 0 0 - -
Upper headlight settings CV134 CV135 CV136 CV192 CV138 CV139 CV140 CV193 29 133 142 1 29 133 143 2 CV126 CV190 CV130 CV191 5 2 5 1
End lock light settings CV126 CV127 CV190 CV130 CV131 CV191 29 143 1 29 142 2 CV134 CV192 CV138 CV193 14 1 14 2
* The recommended CV settings are valid for TRAXX 2 locomotives with a new micro connector panel with ACME 21MTC decoder socket (eg "Kando" Traxx)! ** The recommended CV settings apply to TRAXX 2 locomotives with an old panel with an ACME 21MTC decoder socket (eg "Mátyás" Traxx)! No settings are required for Brawa TRAXX 2 locomotives because the functions are handled by the locomotive panel via the SUSI output (enable: CV49 = 135). The function keys for each light can be changed by programming the 9xx CVs according to the operating instructions for the locomotive.
Function allocation:  
Function key Sound Volume CV register * Default value
F0 ** basic driving light (ACME 21MTC, old - eg "Mátyás" Traxx) three white driving lights forwards, two red locking lights forwards (with 8-pin decoder or ** ACME 21MTC, new - eg "Kando" Traxx)    
F1 complementary operation drive inverter CV220 CV221 255 255
F2 long horn CV222 255
F3 short horn CV223 255
F4 brake sound CV228 255
F5 dimming (general) ** brightness increase, top headlight (ACME 21MTC, old - eg "Mátyás" Traxx) ** upper headlight off (ACME 21MTC, new - eg "Kando" Traxx)    
F6 shunting mode    
F8 door CV227 255
F9 volume adjustment in 2 steps simple volume CV210 double volume CV211 164 80
F10 sandbox CV224 255
F11 bad track CV226 255
F12 decoupling CV225 255
F14 ** end lock lights (ACME 21MTC, old - eg: "Mátyás" Traxx) ** Side lights off (ACME 21MTC, new - eg "Kando" Traxx)    
F15 ** Switching off the driving lights on side B    
F16 announcement by voice 1 CV229 255
F17 voice announcement 2 CV230 255
F18 voice announcement 3 CV231 255
F19 voice announcement 4 CV232 255
F28 mute the sound    
* The volume for the given sound (eg long horn) can be adjusted individually in the indicated CV register! ** When using the recommended settings!