S499 “Laminatka”

Sound project



  • the original soundtrack of locomotive 240 088,
  • the recording was made on 13.05.2014,
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 16 MB memory sound,
  • the sound material
    • freely editable with our DigiSoundEditor sound editing program,
    • can be downloaded freely with our DigiProgram download program,
  • the downloadable dtt file contains the recommended CV settings for Piko S499 “Laminate” locomotives with PluX22 preparation panel. A DigiSound 5.5 decoder is required for all functions to work properly.
Recommended CV settings:
Name CV register Recommended value
Upper headlight adjustment CV150 5
High beam or indicator light (yellow) CV138 4
Adjusting the end lights CV126 CV190 CV130 CV191 29 1 29 2
Adjust cab lighting CV146 21
Engine room lighting setting CV134 22
Chassis lighting setting CV142 23
Disable side lights to F24 CV119 CV131 152 152
Disable side B headlights to F25 CV123 CV127 153 153
Setting function modes CV176 CV177 CV178 CV179 CV181 CV184 12 12 2 2 2 2
Adjust brightness CV300 CV301 CV307 CV308 CV312 CV313 64 64 64 64 16 16
The recommended CV settings apply to Piko S499 "Laminatka" locomotives!
Function allocation:  
Function key Function / Sound Volume CV register * Default value
F0 ** basic lighting forward 2 white headlights + reverse 2 red locks    
F1 complementary operation fan changing direction brake sound Position switch traction motor CV220 CV221 CV227 CV229 CV230 CV231 255 255 255 255 255 255
F2 horn CV222 255
F3 horn signal CV223 255
F4 ** indicator or driving beam (interior headlamps)    
F5 ** high beam higher brightness + top headlight on    
F6 shunting mode    
F7 compressor - -
F8 ventilators - -
F9 volume adjustment in 2 steps simple volume CV210 double volume CV211 140 80
F10 short horn backwards CV224 255
F11 door opening and closing CV225 255
F12 arc squeaking CV232 255
F13 sandbox CV226 255
F14 air blowing CV228 255
F15 short squeak CV233 255
F16 connection CV234 255
F17 jerking (on departure) - -
F18 rail click CV235 255
F19 voice announcement CV236 255
F20 emergency shutdown    
F21 ** cab lighting    
F22 ** engine room lighting    
F23 ** undercarriage lighting    
F24 ** Switching off the driving lights on side A    
F25 ** Switching off the driving lights on side B    
F28 mute the sound    
* The volume for the given sound (eg long horn) can be adjusted individually in the indicated CV register! ** When using the recommended settings!