Sound project



  • the original sound material of the PKP ET22-014 locomotive,
  • the recording was made at the towing station in Czechhowice-Dziedzice on 08.08.2017,
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 8 MB memory sound,
  • the sound material
    • freely editable with our DigiSoundEditor sound editing program,
    • it can be downloaded free with our DigiProgram download program.
  • The audio material does not require special CV settings.
Function allocation:  
Function key Function / Sound Volume CV register * Default value
F0 basic lighting    
F1 traction motor fan base sound resistance fan brake sound traction motor CV225 CV226 CV227 CV228 CV229 255 255 255 255 255
F2 high horn CV222 255
F3 deep horn CV223 255
F5 dimming    
F6 shunting mode    
F7 compressor CV224 255
F9 volume adjustment in 2 steps simple volume CV210 double volume CV211 164 80
F13 voice announcement CV231 255
F14 radio broadcasting CV234 255
F15 horn signal - high-deep CV220 255
F16 horn signal - deep-high CV221 255
F17 brake sound brake release CV228 CV230 255 255
F19 disconnection CV232 255
F20 guide whistle CV233 255
From F21 other light functions    
F28 mute the sound    
* The volume for the given sound (eg long horn) can be adjusted individually in the indicated CV register!