Optical upgrade kit M41 / V43

15 000 Ft

ran out

Várható szállítás :

Main parameters:

  • To expand the lighting functions of Fuggerth M41 or V43 locomotives to improve the display of the cabs,
  • The set contains: 
    • Digital preparation panel with PLUX22 decoder interface
    • 2 cabs,
  • Lighting features:
    • the two lower white lights varying in the direction of travel,
    • separate overhead light,
    • red end light,
    • reversing light,
    • driver’s cab lights that can be switched independently.
  • DigiPack controller connection.
Find more information about optical tunneling kits in the user manual (see the "Downloads" folder): :
  • Reconstruction of M41 locomotive
  • Reconstruction of V43 locomotive