M43 “Dacia”

Sound project



  • the original soundtrack of locomotive M43 1117,
  • the recording was made in 2013,
  • 8-bit resolution
  • 8 MB memory sound,
  • the sound material
    • freely editable with our DigiSoundEditor sound editing program,
    • it can be downloaded free with our DigiProgram download program.
Function allocation:  
Function key Function / Sound Volume CV register * Default value
F0 ** basic lighting forward 3 white headlights    
F1 engine brake sound CV220 CV225 255 255
F2 long horn 1 CV221 255
F3 long horn 2 CV222 255
F4 short horn CV228 255
F5 dimming    
F6 shunting mode    
F7 announcement by voice 1 CV226 255
F8 voice announcement 2 CV227 255
F9 volume adjustment in 2 steps simple volume CV210 double volume CV211 164 80
F10 decoupling CV229 255
F11 coupling CV223 255
F12 arc squeaking CV224 255
F20 engine speed    
F28 mute the sound    
* The volume for the given sound (eg long horn) can be adjusted individually in the indicated CV register!