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The hardware versions and operating software of our locomotive decoders are also under constant development due to customer feedback and ever-expanding needs.

On this page, we try to provide an overview of each hardware version and its associated software version.

Here you can find and download the various firmware files and the associated dtt files to help you set up the CV parameters of the decoders using DigiProgram. 

Hardware variations and software versions:
Hardware versions
Software version (CV7 value)
User manual
CV chart* (dtt file)
DigiSound-3.1 DigiSound-3.2 DigiSound-3.4 DigiSound-3.5 DigiSound-3.5 DigiSound-3.6 21-24 UM_DigiSound-3.x_ver.21-24_HU -
25 UM_DigiSound-3.x_ver.25_HU -
26-28 UM_DigiSound-3.x_ver.26-28_HU -
29-30 UM_DigiSound-3.x_ver.29-30_HU cv_ALAP_DigiSound-3.x_v29_UTF
DigiSound-4.1 DigiSound-4.2 DigiSound-5.1 DigiSound-5.2 DigiSound-5.5 DigiSound-5.6 DigiSound-5.7 DigiSound-5.8 30-33 UM_DigiSound-4.x-5.x_ver.30_HU_b3 -
34-36 UM_DigiSound-4.x-5.x_ver.34_HU_b4 -
37-38 UM_DigiSound-4.x-5.x_sw.037_20210827_HU cv_ALAP_DigiSound-4.x-5.x_v37_UTF
DigiSound-Jumbo2 15 UM_DigiSound-Jumbo2_hw2_sw015_20210909_COM -
DigiSound-Jumbo3 37 UM_DigiSound-Jumbo3_hw3_sw037_20210909_COM -
DigiDrive-3.1 DigiDrive-3.2 13 UM_DigiDrive-3.x_ver.13_b2_COM -
15 UM_DigiDrive-3.x_ver.15_b2_COM -
  DigiDrive-4.1 DigiDrive-4.2 DigiDrive-4.5   19-20 UM_DigiDrive-4.x_sw.019-020_20190115_HU -
21-22 UM_DigiDrive-4.x_sw.021-022_20200621_HU -
23 UM_DigiDrive_4.x_sw.023_20210822_HU cv_ALAP_DigiDrive-4.x_v23_UTF
For the best gaming experience, we recommend that you always use the latest software version available for your hardware variation on your decoders! Our DigiProgram and DigiProgrammer product families can be used for software upgrades, more details here. Previous hardware and software versions not listed in the table are no longer supported. *Missing dtt files are being created.