• With DigiTrainsPRO, you can control your model railroad desk from your phone, tablet, or computer using WIFI.
  • You can easily and quickly select a locomotive from the locomotive library, for which you can also take a custom photo.
  • You can access the speed, direction and all the functions of the locomotive with a single touch while moving freely around the desk.
  • You finally don’t have to remember the locomotive titles, you can very easily play with multiple trains.
  • Any amount of data can be recorded for trains, you can organize them into groups and filter them into any data or group in the locomotive list.
  • Use the Traffic Player game, simply set up tracks, keep track of the busy sections of the track, and play the Loud Passenger Information. With the model time function, trains can run on a schedule!
  • The program is available on Android, iOS and Windows 10. Continuous improvement, taking into account the needs sent by users!
  • The app is compatible with the following digital command centers: Roco Z21, Digikeijs DR5000, DigiWifi, DigiProgrammer, JMRI, DigiTrainsPro Club Server.
You can find more details, pictures and videos in our Gallery or on DigiTrainsPro ‘s own website.


DigiTrainsPRO has unique features and a stunning design for the best user experience.


The application can be used on the most popular platforms: Android, iOS, Windows 10 PC, tablet and mobile.

Responsive design

The appearance of the app adapts to your device. You can use it on your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Multiple digital center support

The app is compatible with several digital exchanges, the list of which is constantly expanding.


Loud passenger information, Traffic counter view, Automation with dependencies and many other unique features.

Continuous updates

The app constantly follows the technical innovations of the model train and the needs of the users.

User guide

The detailed documentation will help you find the special features and services of the app.