• Our decoders
    • to test,
    • To read CV parameters to read,
    • To update the software version of DigiTools decoders,
    • Software tool for downloading sound from DigiTools decoders.
  • The application is free to download from the Windows Software Store .
  • The software can only be run under Windows 10! 
  • This device is not suitable for downloading sound from other manufacturers!
  • The device is not suitable for updating decoder operating software from other manufacturers!
For more information, see the following topics in the User Manual of the application ("Downloads" folder). :
  • general introduction to DigiProgram and DigiProgrammer,
  • main features of the DigiProgrammer tool, introduction to the tool:
    • connectors and status LEDs,
    • internal LEDs,
    • jumper,
  • putting into operation of the DigiProgrammer,
  • description of DigiProgram PC software:
    • main features of the software,
    • system requirements,
    • installation,
  • useage of the software:
    • setting up the connection
    • DigiProgram panel:
      • settings,
      • update,
      • Details,
      • connection,
    • Power panel,
    • Test Panel,
    • CV editing panel,
    • RailCom Monitor panel,
    • Data backup panel:
      • CV edit button function,
      • Quick upload of CV parameters to a decoder,
    • Download panel:
      • firmware download,
      • download sound
      • download sound header,
      • cancel the download
    • DigiTools logo
    • Footer
    • To use DigiProgrammer with third-party software:
      • installing,
      • communication setup,
      • can be played after successful setup.