• Application for editing DigiSound-4.x, DigiSound-5.x and DigiSound-JUMBO sound decoders for downloadable audio projects,
  • allows you to edit the function assignment of sound projects,
  • sounds (eg horn) can be changed, modified,
  • new sounds can be added
  • sounds can be deleted.
  • The application is free to download from the Windows Software Store .
  • The software is not suitable for editing audio material from other manufacturers!
For more information, see the following topics in the User Manual of the application ("Downloads" folder). :
  • Introduction to using the DSE application.
  • DSE program installation, system requirements.
  • Structure of sound projects:
    • sounds,
    • sound boxes,
    • exits,
    • exit conditions.
  • Home:
    • add a new project
    • opening a project,
    • application settings,
    • open the projects folder.
  • Edit audio project:
    • left lane:
      • project settings,
      • add wav sound file
      • add a new sound
      • list of sounds
      • memory usage,
    • top right toolbar
    • sound editing interface,
      • sound settings,
      • automatic redrawing of contacts
      • copy sound
      • sound box settings.
  • Usage examples:
    • start sound on another function key,
    • sound wav file replacement.