17 000 Ft


Main parameters:

  • To operate 4 lights,
    • according to the indications of the speed forecast system introduced at MÁV after 1968,
    • light signaling for German state railways (Hp0, Hp1, Hp2, Vr0, Vr1, Vr2, Sh0, Sh1)
  • NMRA DCC communication,
  • freely addressable, twice in two groups, 1024 function addresses,
  • protection against accidental addressing (JPrg jumper),
  • power supply: independent AC or DC power supply (9 – 18V) or DCC JK bus signal,
  • 100mA load capacity per output,
  • output short circuit protection,
  • setting the dimming time (dimming) or switching off completely (LED mode),
  • Operation of LED or incandescent indicators,
  • with a jumper (J2) it is possible to select the decoder according to the speed signaling system used by MÁV after 1968 or the signaling system of the German railway,
  • the signaling system used by any railway undertaking may be implemented on request:
    • Track sign before MÁV 1968,
    • Austrian,
    • Czech,
    • Polish,
    • etc.…
  • Outputs capable of influencing the ABC train.
Find more information about the following topics in the Device Decoder user manual ("Downloads" folder) :
  • type designations,
  • Select the signal image of DigiSignal-x4yyy,
  • Special features of DigiSignal-x4ABC,
  • device explanation:
    • DigiSignal-x4,
    • DigiSignal-x4ABC,
  • connections:
    • examples for connecting MÁV indicators,
    • examples of connecting German signals,
    • power supply and DCC control signal connection,
      • in case of independent power supply,
      • In case of operation from DCC signal,
    • ABC mode:
      • ABC mode in brief
      • Assignment of ABC connections,
      • ABC mode connection for DigiSignal-x4ABC decoder,
      • the control amplifier is the same as the rail amplifier,
      • the control amplifier does not match the rail amplifier.
  • short circuit protection,
  • protection against accidental addressing (JPrg),
  • decoder setting:
    • address setting,
    • setting output switching time (dimming),
    • In the case of DigiSignal-M4yyy, setting the type of interlocking device that controls the signal,
    • For DigiSignal-N4yyy setting the signal type,
  • to configure the TrainController:
    • For DigiSignal-N4 decoder
    • For DigiSignal-M4 decoder
  • physical parameters:
    • DigiSignal-x4,
    • DigiSignal-x4ABC.