14 000 Ft


Várható szállítás :

Main parameters:

  • To operate 4 analog servomotors,
  • communication according to NMRA DCC standards,
  • freely addressable, independent 1024 function addresses,
  • independently adjustable:
    • lower end position,
    • upper end position,
    • switching speed,
    • detour coordination,
    • heart polarity statement,
  • protection against accidental addressing, reprogramming,
  • power connection:
    • in case of independent power supply,
    • For operation from DCC signal (rail voltage).
  • properties that can be set with buttons (lower detour, upper detour, switching speed, heart polarity adjustment, detour direction matching),
  • analogue operation, the buttons have a separate terminal, so the gears can be adjusted manually from the edge of the table.
Find more information about the following topics in the Device Decoder user manual ("Downloads" folder) :
  • device explanation,
  • decoder connection:
    • in case of independent power supply,
    • In case of operation from DCC signal (rail voltage),
    • connection of servo motors,
    • reporting the status of the shift position or the position of the servo,
    • external pushbutton connection.
  • setting operating characteristics:
    • address setting,
    • lower detour position,
    • upper detour position,
    • adjustment speed setting,
    • setting detour direction,
    • exit without saving the currently set values, return to the previous settings.
  • disable programming,
  • programming by changing CV parameters,
  • analogue operation,
  • physical parameters.