DigiProgrammer - 2.0

42 000 Ft


Main parameters:

  • To update the software of DigiTools decoders, to download audio material,
  • to read the CV register of any NMRA decoder from any manufacturer and of any type,
  • CV writing and reading in POM mode,
  • CV writing in direct mode,
  • communication according to NMRA DCC standards,
  • stabilized, 3-stage adjustable output voltage,
  • short-circuit protected output (2A in normal operation, 1A during programming),
  • galvanically isolated USB connection,
  • cooperation with DigiTools DigiProgram,
  • cooperation with any other program that communicates according to the XPressNet standard (eg RR & Co TrainProgrammer),
  • input voltage DC 16-20V, AC 12-16V, min. 2.5A
  • aluminum box design with strong mechanical protection, box dimensions: 145.0 * 105.0 * 35.0 mm,
  • resting current consumption< 100mA.
For more information, see the following topics in theuser manual ("Downloads" folder).
  • General presentation:
    • the main features of the DigiProgrammer tool, the introduction of the tool,
    • connectors and status LEDs,
    • internal LEDs, jumpers.
  • Installing the DigiProgrammer.
  • Description of the DigiProgram PC software:
    • main features of the software,
    • system requirements,
    • installation.
  • Using the software:
    • setting up the connection
    • DigiProgram panel:
      • software settings,
      • DigiProgrammer circuit software update
      • Details,
    • "Connection" panel,
    • "Power" panel,
    • "Test Panel",
    • "CV editor" panel,
    • RailCom Monitor panel,
    • "Backup" panel:
      • CV edit button function,
      • Quick upload of CV parameters to a decoder,
    • "Downloader" panel:
      • firmware download,
      • download sound
      • download sound header,
      • cancel the download
    • DigiTools logo,
    • Footer.
  • To use DigiProgrammer with third-party software:
    • installing,
    • communication setup,
    • can be played after successful setup