17 000 Ft


Várható szállítás :

Main parameters:

  • it is supported by any computer field control software that is familiar with the LENZ LI100F open standard communication device:
    • RailRoad & Co. TrainController,
    • JMRI,
    • RocRail, etc.
  • Standard XPressNet communication according to LENZ LI100F,
  • USB 2.0 connection to PC,
  • RJ11 6/4 telephone connector to the digital exchange,
  • power supply from the control panel or from a separate power supply,
  • special features of the occupancy reporting part:
    • occupancy feedback via S88N bus,
    • 16 modules and each capable of detecting the occupancy of 8 sections.
For more information, see the following topics in the PC Driver user manual ("Downloads" folder).
  • main parameters, device explanation,
  • circuit connection:
    • independent power supply connection,
    • XPressNet connection (for LENZ, Roco, other systems),
    • connection of S88N-based occupancy feedback circuits,
  • computer connection and USB communication port settings,
  • setting operating characteristics:
    • setting the communication parameters of the COM port,
    • XPressNet address setting,
    • setting a return address,
    • exit address settings
  • as an example, a description of how to configure the PC interface circuit via the TrainController program:
    • Adding the device in TrainController
    • setting occupancy contact indicators,
  • the PC driver software is from the website of Paco Canada , with the courtesy of the author.