17 000 Ft


Várható szállítás :

Main parameters:

  • Control of 8 motor switch levers (Tillig Ellite 86110, Conrad, etc.),
  • communication according to NMRA DCC standards,
  • freely addressable, twice in groups of four, 1024 function addresses,
  • protection against accidental addressing,
  • setting output times, twice in groups of four,
  • power supply: independent AC or DC power supply or DCC JK bus signal,
  • load capacity 1A per output,
  • the outputs are short-circuit protected.
Find more information about the following topics in the Device Decoder user manual ("Downloads" folder):
  • decoder connection:
    • in case of independent power supply,
    • In case of operation from DCC signal (rail voltage),
  • address setting:
    • addressing principle,
    • adjustment steps for two-button toggle adjustment (eg Roco multiMAUS, LENZ),
    • setup steps for one-button toggle setup (eg various software solutions, TrainController, DigiTrainsPro),
  • output switching time setting:
    • steps for setting the switching time in the case of two-button toggle adjustment,
    • steps for setting the switching time in the case of one-button shift setting,
  • short circuit protection,
  • usage example:
    • motor switch lever connection,