3 600 Ft


Main parameters:

  • universal lighting panel for H0 and TT passenger cars,
  • can be ordered with hot or cold white LEDs,
  • can be used in analogue or digital mode,
  • in digital mode, the lighting can be switched on at any time by connecting it to the output of a locomotive or function decoder function,
  • operates in 5V – 24V voltage range,
  • nearly even brightness over the entire voltage range,
  • even current consumption[4mA / LED] in the full voltage range,
  • flicker-free design with additional capacitors,
  • end lock lighting can also be connected to it,
  • default size: 294 * 4 * 2 mm,
  • smallest possible installation size: 80 * 4 * 2 mm,
  • in addition to the minimum length, it can be cut anywhere at will. 
Find more information about the following topics in the Device Decoder Management Guide ("Downloads" folder):
  • General features
  • Main parameters
  • Installation
  • Power supply
  • Connecting capacitors
  • Usage on analog track
  • Usage on a digital track