Our website has been renewed!

With the new website, our goal is to:

  • quick information to those interested about important events,
  • introducing our products to those interested,
  • providing access to user manuals and videos showing how to use the products,
  • by providing continuous content expansion with non-purchase intentions to provide interesting and valuable materials to visitors to our website.




About the cover  have easy access to our latest news,
You can be notified about our latest products.
You can get a brief overview of the stores and partners that sell our products and find our contact information.




You can read our news on this page.
Here we will try to keep you informed about the latest developments in DigiTools.

  • Temporary changes to customer service hours.
  • Leave, summer break, possibly illness.
  • Arrival of new products, stock status.
  • Anything else that might interest our readers.




Here is our product range.

The filter on the left allows you to easily select the range of products that suit your interests.

Click on the white box on the left to select the products you are interested in. Multiple categories can be selected at once!

Click the blue + or – sign next to the categories to display or close the subcategories.

From the products belonging to the selected category, you can get to the own page of a given product by clicking on the card of the given product.



Page of a selected product:

Here you can get more information about a specific product.

In addition to the available pictures, videos, downloadable operating instructions and other information, we will also launch a frequently asked questions section. Here, I try to keep up to date with frequent user questions in the mail, phone, or Messenger.



Price list:

Here is the price list of our currently available products.




We try to show our works in galleries on this page.

Showcase the work of others with DigiTools products.

We also plan to display more interesting railway-themed photo stories here.




On this page, those interested can find all the information about our company:

  • company data,
  • contacts:
    • e-mail,
    • phone,
    • Facebook,
    • Messenger,
    • customer service,
  • ordering and delivery.



Our partners:

Our company would not exist without partners.

Under the Stores menu, you will find the stores where our products can be purchased.

Under the Manufacturers menu, you will find the companies that help you design, develop, manufacture and test our products.

Under the Clubs menu, you will find a list of organizations that use our products and test them, where those interested can view and try them out on club days.

We are waiting for the application of everyone who would like to be included among our partners!


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