New software in the DigiSignal-x4yyy signal decoder!



We have updated the program of our DigiSignal-x4 and DigiSignal-x4ABC signal decoders in accordance with new customer needs.

By default, the system uses two addresses to set up a signal image. Until now, our decoder only performed the sign image modification if it received the corresponding command at both addresses. However, several centers, such as the ESU EcOS2 or the PIKO Smart Controller, did not send commands to both addresses, only to the one where there was a change. Thus, our decoder did not perform all signal image modifications.

So far, we have rectified this error individually for each customer who wanted to use the signal decoder with one of the above devices and reported the problem to us.  

The modified software already works in decoders marked ver.030 that can be purchased from now on. The DCC signal processing mode can be selected with jumper J3. 

  • With a jumper installed, the original operation can be experienced.
  • With a jumper removed, the decoder can be used with the PIKO and EcOS center. In this case, however, it may happen that unexpected signal images appear on the indicators for a short moment!



Adapting to the needs of ESU EcOS2, we have modified the sign images  command combinations too!




New software
Marking the decoder working with the new software
Changed command combinations
New documentation
New documentation