MÁV M62 334

The model is sold out!

Model built on Piko foundations.

A number of details have been rebuilt on the model:

  • engine room windows and ventilation grilles,
  • cooling rack,
  • cooling fan,
  • roof exit door,
  • engine room ventilation (mushroom),
  • exhaust muffler,
  • roof air conditioner,
  • horns and horn protective grilles,
  • front sidewalk,
  • cab ventilation grille,
  • other fittings.



  • Szabolcs Tóth
  • Tamás Kosti
  • Gaspar Frischmann


Participated in the production:

  • Posch Model (resin casting)
  • Tamás Koszti (painting, swabbing)


The model is available in the Model & Hobby store.

Price: HUF 199,000
Price equipped with a PLUX22 sound decoder .

The sound decoder is the M62 334 ps. it is played in the original voice of a locomotive.


M62 334
M62 334