Driving position

Here you can try and learn about DigiTools voice locomotives, DigiTools control electronics and DigiTrainsPro
model train control software in operation is the Driver’s Position train model and adventure game  on the field table.

Game options:

– scheduled play,
– private (family) play,
– free play.




Address: 1045 Budapest, Elem u. 5-7., Istvántelek railway station, VOKE Széchenyi István culture house


They were founded in 1995 in Debrecen. They also work in H0 and N module systems.
They currently have more than 68 meters of H0 and 22 meters of N modules, which are constantly being expanded and innovated.

Digital. and they can also train in an analog system.

The number of members varies, usually 10 people.


Website address:


Facebook: Hexvave Association

Contact by phone: József Krajcsír + 3620-382-4830

The fast railway modeling club in Pécs

The club was founded in February 1999 and operates as a leisure hobby association. Their mission is to model Hungarian light railways: to capture and present their railway lines and vehicles. Of course, they are not indifferent to the world of Hungarian railways and the railways of other countries. Its members are both railroad lovers and railroad modelers who want to cultivate their hobbies not alone, at home, but in a real community, with like-minded people.


Pécs, Mártírok útja 42. 5. staircase basement, Tuesday from 5pm to 8pm.

Contact by phone: + 3630-908-0308
Website address:

First Pécs Youth Railway Modeling Club

The club was founded in the summer of 1993 under the name First Pécs Youth Railway Modeling Club – EPIVK. There were 12 when it was founded, and they currently work with 9 people. Almost everyone in primary school got acquainted with the basics of modeling in the railway modeling department of the former István Szabó pioneer house in the 80’s.
During the period since its establishment, 30 Railway Model Parades have been held. They built their 26-square-foot N club field table. This can be seen in a permanent location in the club’s 80-square-foot space. In addition, they built their modular systems in N (24 m), H0 (26 m) and 0 (27 m) scales. They are dismantled in a warehouse and await the annual parades.


Contact by phone: László Ténai +36 20 584 8218

Website address: